Technical Training

(Revised) Activity Plan:

Time Name of Activity Description Key Teaching Points
1:00-1:05 Triangle game Try to head ball over the lines of the two opponents -Types of headers: straight on, side, up, down
1:05-1:09 Demonstration Explain basics/review key points

Practice basic repetitions


-Forehead, eyes open

-Explode toward ball

1:09-1:10 Fluid break Everyone drinks
1:10-1:13 Distance game Apply learned techniques to see who can head the ball farthest -Apply practiced technique

-Focus on power

1:13-1:16 Head/Catch Rotate one in middle 1 min each -Practice quick decision-making

-Continue working on technique

1:16-1:20 Triangle game Apply learned behaviors -Apply new skills: speed, power, accuracy

-Try to get most points

1:20-1:21 Fluid break Everyone drinks/massages head -Make sure you don’t get a headache
1:21-1:23 Individual headers Try to set a personal goal -Focus on control

-Upward headers

1:23-1:30 Team headers Try to keep the ball up for as long as possible – set a record and beat it -More focus on control and accuracy

-Use all skills: eyes open, move toward ball, hit with forehead


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