Philosophy and Ethics

Here are materials and links related to the Philosophy of Coaching.

Here are some examples of poor sportsmanship:

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Coaching Philosophy:

My objective with regard to winning is that winning is only one part of the game. It can make things a lot more fun, but not necessarily under certain conditions such as extreme stress, yelling, or threats from a coach or other teammates. Winning should be an overarching goal, as should fun and physical/mental health. My goal will be to help my team win whenever possible, while keeping these other values in perspective.

My objective about helping athletes have fun is that fun should be one of the top goals in playing a sport.  If an athlete is having fun, they are most likely improving their mental health in addition to physical fitness.  Absence of fun can lead to low spirits, and is the opposite of the main objective.  Fun will compel most athletes to remain in their sport longer, thus contributing to other factors such as fitness, team bonding, and sportsmanship.

My objective about helping athletes develop physically, psychologically, and socially is that these factors stand high in the list of important goals.  The athletes development in these areas is important not only for the individual athlete’s personal growth, but also must be present for the team to flourish.  An athlete who is healthy physically, psychologically, and socially will be happier overall, and will reap the most enjoyment from sports.

When situations arise in which I must choose among these three objectives, my priorities will rest first with physical, psychological, and social development.  This objective is closely related to the objective of fun, since if an athlete is making progress in those three areas, fun will be a likely outcome.  Likewise, if an athlete is not having fun, that will deter their development.  Winning, although an important objective in all sports is my last priority among these options, given that it is just another part of the game, as is losing. Winning can positively impact athletes mentally and therefore increase the fun, but it is very possible to still play well (individually or as a team) and have fun even if the outcome is a loss.

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I disagree with this:


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