“Is That Okay?” – A Speech Analysis

Figure 1: Date-ratio chart comparing Tim’s usage in tallies of the phrase “Is That Okay?”

Date Number of times said
3/8/10 4
3/22/10 0
3/24/10 11
4/3/10 6
4/6/10 5
4/12/10 2
4/14/10 1
4/19/10 0
4/27/10 1


This is a short analysis of Tim’s usage of the phrase “Is that okay?” One day mid-way through the semester, I noticed the uncanny number of times I heard this phrase. So, I started to keep a tally of how many times it was said during class.


Based on the data, one can easily see that his usage of the phrase was random.  However, there are different factors to take into consideration while conceptualizing its prevalence. For example, on days where the usage was low, Gabbie was probably lecturing (so Tim may or may not have been present, such as on 3/22), or else presentations were occurring (such as on 4/19) which would mean that the ratio of Tim talking to the class talking would be low. The data that stands out the most is from 3/24, when Tim hit an all-time high in the usage of the phrase. In order to understand why, we must return to the class notes. That day, we started by watching the cell phone pop-corn video, which seems to be un-related. Afterward, however, we discussed at length the guidelines for our Micro-teaching #2, as well as how to use the CorePerformance website. Seeing as this day included many directions, that may account for Tim’s over-usage. Another additional reason could be that Tim was feeling overly talkative, or maybe concerned on that particular day for any number of unexplainable reasons.

Margin of Error:

Although one can make several assumptions based on the data, it is hard to know exactly for sure. One of the shortcomings of the data is that I did not notice the high usage of the phrase until a late date. Thus, earlier tally marks that could have contributed to the overall analysis and fun do not exist.


As one can see, Tim’s use of the phrase “Is that okay?” was prevalent throughout most of the semester. Since Gabbie, our other professor, never used the term, and because I have never heard it so often from anybody else, ever, I am led to believe that the phrase is unique to Tim’s own country of Canada. After doing some quick research, however, I failed to find any traces of the phrase within Canada’s online forums, and among other pages focused on Canada’s unique language. Here are some of the sources I used:




As you can see, based on these references, there is much overlap in terms such as “loonie,” “tuque,” and “2-4.” And let’s not forget everybody’s favorite: “Eh!” After conducting this research, I can only conclude that the extensive usage of the phrase “Is that okay?” is unique to Tim Bacon.

In conclusion, here is a commemorative video celebrating Canadians everywhere:



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