Comment on Bobby Knight

As I watched the Bobby Knight video, my reaction was to count how many times he cussed (there were at least eighteen uses of the “F” word in the 1 minute 20 second clip). My first reaction to the video was that I don’t really agree with yelling/screaming/cursing as a way of motivation. But thinking again, I realized this is probably because I have a quieter (and much sweeter) personality – it’s not something I would normally do. Thinking back on the different coaching experiences I’ve encountered over the years, I think that sometimes fear as motivation does work. It brings up interesting questions, such as if it’s being used toward a team or an individual; the type of sport; how old the athletes are; the level (recreational, high school, college, professional, etc.); and gender of the athletes. The video reminded me of movies or television shows depicting a football coach screaming at his players in order to motivate them. So, for a college men’s football team with a male coach, it could certainly be appropriate. But it is very difficult to determine any definitive rules for something so context-specific.


~ by nwidger on January 27, 2010.

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